It all starts with the proposal.. Then comes all the planning! You gotta start somewhere and I so glad that you landed on this page! This is where you can find some answers to burning questions regarding how to book, what you get, whether or not you should have an engagement session and all that jazz! 

I try to be as transparent as I can here to make it easier for you to make decisions. Time is money right? At the end of the day, what I really want is to get you on the phone or zoom so we can figure out what you need for your wedding day!

You're engaged!! Welcome to the most exciting 
time of your life.


I want you to relive your wedding day over and over again each time you glance at your beautifully framed photos sitting on your living room table or wall in your home. 

I want you to relive your wedding day over and over..


Wondering how to know if this is a fit for you? Here's all the FAQ!

How many hours do i need?

how do we start?

All it takes is an email to get started. Then we talk about your wedding day timeline and figure out what collection suits you best. 
At the end of the day the Croatian Sensation and I gotta feed the cats, pay the bills and concert addiction too! If the pricing feels too scary for you, let’s talk about it and see what we can do. All collections are customized to your wedding!


The average wedding day for a photographer is ranges from 6-10 hours. All based on the season, time of your ceremony, grand entrance and whether or not you have a grand exit. That is exactly why I like to talk over the phone, because no two weddings are the same. Yes there are standards for sure, but you are you. So let’s talk about it.



How are you different from all the other photographers out there?

For starters, I am very TIME EFFICIENT! Your timeline is like the Bible (or some other form of the unbreakable written word). From the getting ready photos, the first look, all the way down to the very last moment of your day.


Should I get an engagement session?

Heck yes! Engagement sessions are the best! Not only is this an opportunity for us to get to know one another but it is an opportunity for you and your boo to be in front of the camera, have some fun and celebrate your love! Cheesy? Yeah it is.


Here’s the thing about an engagement session..

  Love is cheesy, love is patient, love knows no bounds hahaha. Why not celebrate a little, get some uhhhmazing images and have memories to last a lifetime? Oh yeah you can also use these images for the wedding - think save the dates, wedding website, decor, sign-in book etc...


what wedding collection should I pick?

You may be feeling stressed about money.. Totally 100% understand. I HAVE BEEN THERE!  A deposit to lock it in with me is 30% down.. I like to break it into three payments for my couples (30% down, another 30% 4 months before the day & 40% 2 weeks before).


How many images do I GET?

   Now we're talkin'..let’s get straight to the point. On average you are going to get about 700-1200 photos once it is all said and done. My second photographer and I take about 3000-4000 images. Some are duplicates, or slightly out of focus or maybe not the best lighting (I know, you thought I was perfect).


So when do I get MY PHOTOS?

 Your digital gallery from the entire day is delivered in about 6-8 weeks (sometimes sooner). Before I forget.. did I mention I send a sneak peek literally that night? LIKE 5-10 IMAGES RIGHT TO YOUR PHONE!? Yep! Now your wedding hashtag is in full effect here because your Insta is going to blow up with all the love.

Post wedding depression is real. So I want to make you happy! I send a full highlight of the day, generally within 48 hours of your wedding sent to you before you even set sail on your honeymoon. This way you can share, share away, make thank you cards (mine took me a year I swear, but I procrastinate) and enjoy right away. Yeah, I am cool like that..




do you have any preferred vendors?

Absolutely! I have met some amazing “Friendors” as I like to call them... From your wedding dress, your floral, DJ & even someone to help craft your pre-nup or even estate plan. One of the best parts of this job is meeting new people who are great to be around and even better at what they do!


Do you travel? Or are you just a California and Nevada girl?

    Can I get another heck yes?! I travel... I repeat, I DO TRAVEL! North Carolina is my furthest destination (so far) and I am looking to do it all! Traveling to Croatia is definitely in the cards since I am married to that Croatian Sensation. So you name it, I am in! 

Why do you do this? What about photography makes you so sure our wedding is for you?

Everyday, I feel so very grateful, lucky and just all around ecstatic that photography is my life. Living the dream over here for real. But why?!

Well let me tell you the honest truth.
Through my nosey journalist background - I have always felt the need to tell the story. Something inside me has always had this quality. Curiosity and connection are values that I hold near and dear. They are definitely the values that fuel my drive. Lastly, I love being my own boss. Well let’s be real, my cat Batman is my boss hahaha. Ultimately, I feel like I am making a difference by helping those who need to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. The result I am looking for? To showcase who people are by letting them be unapologetically them. In turn, this work helps me become me as well.


Lisa is the most amazing photographer! She made my husband and I feel so comfortable with the whole process especially because she played country music to personalize to our interests while shooting our photos! 

“I have referred her to every single one of my friends and family and will always !!”

- Coralee 

What the couples say..

Okay, want in?

Let’s hop on the phone, get a beer, have some coffee or even better yet some breakfast! I am down! I am glad you are here and want to be a part of your day!

 let's get started


Experiences are fleeting & memories are forever. Your photos show that you were here. 

With me, photos are easy like Sunday morning baby, now let's do the dang thing!!

California + nevada & WORLDWIDE

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