El Matador Beach Engagement: Ali + AJ

Ali and AJ had an absolutely MAGICAL Malibu Beach engagement session. Malibu is just breathtaking and totally worth the drive 100%. Although, El Matador can get pretty crowded. Be prepared to spend your time with a ton of others taking in that beautiful Malibu sunshine and others possibly with the same idea as you:PHOTOS!!

I met these lovebirds at a California Bridal & Wedding Expo, they were my very first booking actually from that show (I managed to get 3 that day). It was my first one, so I didn’t know what to expect. Let’s just say after really getting to know Ali and AJ, I am so glad I took a chance. I put myself out there and went to the bridal show. Lesson learned…when you are out of your comfort zone, great things happen, you meet incredible people and get opportunities you may have never had before!

So back to Ali and AJ…WHAT A PAIR RIGHT? They met at work and found that spark..which I love. When I met these two for coffee, they took me to Ali’s parents house so I could see where the wedding would held and I got to meet her mom and dad as well! They are all super musical as a family and AJ fits right in. I am excited to see what their wedding will bring! It is going to be a super intimate backyard wedding, however, they live next door to the beautiful Eaton Canyon. Be prepared for more magic!!

After the engagement session Ali sent this to me via email:

Oh my god, Lisa… I can’t even describe how grateful we are, these have exceeded our wildest dreams. My family and friends have written us so many messages just in awe of how incredible these are. Our family members are re-posting, even. You are truly an artist, and I’m SO glad that you went full time, because I honestly believe you will be the next BIG wedding photographer. You are truly incredible. 

As you can see from the photos, Ali and AJ are just one of those couples who are incredibly natural with one another and just let anything go. We had a blast dancing in the golden light and going in the water. I am so grateful to have met Ali and AJ and I can’t wait for their wedding photos!

If you want to learn more about stepping out of your comfort zone…Check out one of my favorite authors Jen Sincero from the You are a Badass books…you may have noticed them at Target, they are lime green and yellow covers, you can’t miss them.

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