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Tenice Holman, Interior Organizer & Stylist, Entrepreneur, motivator and someone I will forever be grateful to for putting together a boudoir studio for me as a gift during some of my hardest times. I actually met Tenice through my business coach Marla Diann: Mentor to Creatives who is also been an absolutely wonderful inspiration in my life!

Tenice is incredibly amazing, and I couldn’t wait to share her story! She has a smile that lights up a room and these portraits really show it! So keep on reading if you are looking for some serious inspiration from a successful woman!

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What was the beginning of Organized to the T?

Kind of a funny story. I was a panelist at my business mentor’s event under my old business as an event planner of T Holman Events. At our table, my guest and I were discussing ways to better organize and style her office in order to allow a better production flow for her business operations. When I was done, she looked at me and asked why my business wasn’t in organization, and I told her, “I don’t know?” In that moment, that sparkly light bulb went off, and it was like uh duh Tenice! Organizing has been a part of my life ever since I can remember, so it just made sense to make my passion my paycheck. So that day I took the leap, closed my first business and started what is now Organized To The T!

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What continues to inspire you? What do you love most about your work?

This is cliche, but everything! I’m really an artsy-diy-paint-in-my-ears- elbows-deep-in-soil, type of gal. So anything art, fashion, or nature related I’m inspired! The type of work that gets my blood flowing and heart racing, and what I love most, is absolute chaotic junky clutter! I mean bags and items EVERYWHERE! Some call it “really messy”, others call it “hoarding”, I call it “treasure piles”, and who doesn’t love treasure? At times, there are hidden treasures buried in the clutter, and about 99.9% of the time, I hear a client say, “OMG, I’ve been looking for that”, or “I could have used this for,” OR “I knew I bout this for…”


I think my favorite, is “I can see my floor again!” Now some may not know, but to not see your floors for X amount of time, can really be nerve racking for a client, and when I see that wave of relief and peace wash over their face, that’s all I need. That is what I love most.


How would you describe your current style?

I most definitely have an eclectic pallet for style. Although I have some interest in some of the trends today, I still love a lot of different looks and concepts. How I would describe my personal style: Take a modern space, put mid modern furniture, with chic textiles, a touch of industrial elements and a whole lot of boho vibes, and a sprinkle of glam, and oodles REAL plants, that would basically sum up my style! lol My style is very Eclectic.


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What values do you associate with YOUR approach to the work you do and your business?

Diligence, Honesty, Gratitude. Diligence. I’ve always been a person who hates 1/2 assed work, I believe in doing your absolute best regardless, and in efficient time. Thankfully as a business owner you don’t have anyone holding your back but yourself, the sky is your limit. I have since learned the value of time, and take it very serious. Honesty. Because honestly, who wants the drama? Just be honest, for me it pays off better that way. Gratitude. Gratitude is something I practice daily. I am always grateful for my clients, those I have and those who I may not have as of yet. Gratitude also helps you keep you a more positive mindset, which is vital when working with others and in their space. Not to mention just carrying yourself in a state of gratitude daily, will help you in your daily life.


Tell me about your ideal client. What are they like?#personalbrandingphotoshoot #personalbranding #personaldevelopment #personalbrandingphotographer #personalbrand #personalbrandingphotography #personalbrandingphotographer #personalbrandingphotos #torrancephotography #redondobeachphotography #palosverdesphotographer #brandingheadshots #nevadapersonalbrandingphotography #renophotographer #laketahoeheadshots #girlboss #losangelesphotographer #southbaybusiness #persoanlbrandingheadshots








My ideal client is freaking amazing! They are high level entrepreneurs or professionals who are ready to transform their space, because they notice or know they’re not performing at their highest due to the clutter in their environment. We all would like to make those changes in our space, but most don’t take the effort. When you are ready to up level and the clutter is distracting you, it’s time to make a change in your environment. An environment that boots creativity, focus and balance into your life. My ideal client is someone who understands the value of making the decision to take the leap and clear the clutter. My client understands that the work to clear the clutter is necessary in order to up level, and that habits have to be implemented in order for the change to happen. My client loves an environment that gives them the functionality to live and operate, as well as enjoy the aesthetics pleasures of the room, and how it makes them feel in that space.


What are your favorite types of work to do with your clients? What would you like to be doing more of?

The Makeovers of course, as well as extreme clutter piles! The makeovers are a sneak peak into the next phase of Organized to the T, which will mainly focus interior design. I love design, and creating spaces that give that functional and aesthetically pleasing opportunities for my clients. Extreme de-cluttering is what most call a nightmare. You see a room full of clutter and bags and boxes, I see a treasure hunt. Weird, I know. However, I do quite enjoy helping clients dig to the bottom of their clutter, it’s a specialty. What I would love to be doing more of is helping small businesses with their space. Although I love to de-clutter a good master closet, I love the tasks of big styling projects. I love to see the transformation of a room come together, and the opportunities it gives the client. I love local mom and pop shops, and business shops. I would love to help them up-level their business through organization and styling.


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Where do you usually work with your clients?

Currently I work all over greater Los Angeles, and provide services for residential, office spaces , and small businesses.


What kinds of venues or locations do you enjoy working from when you’re NOT with clients?

I love working from home right now! This is the second year I’m full time in business, and I must say the freedom of working on your own terms is fabulous! Eating at your desk, wearing sweats if you feel, I mean the luxury! 🙂 LOL I also love working on content or emails at cafe’s and mom and pop coffee shops, the vibe really works for me when I’m in project mode. I also attend a lot of networking events, seminars and any other self development events that feed into the growth of not only my business, but myself too.


About what topics can you talk endlessly?#personalbrandingphotoshoot #personalbranding #personaldevelopment #personalbrandingphotographer #personalbrand #personalbrandingphotography #personalbrandingphotographer #personalbrandingphotos #torrancephotography #redondobeachphotography #palosverdesphotographer #brandingheadshots #nevadapersonalbrandingphotography #renophotographer #laketahoeheadshots #girlboss #losangelesphotographer #southbaybusiness #persoanlbrandingheadshots

Anything Sciencey, Neurology- Psychology my primary passion. I also love fashion, design and materials! Politics & Controversy even though it’s so mundane. My new favorite topic, Business. I love the concept of building a business, I have like 5 business ideas drafted and ready to go! lol. Business is opportunity that can lead to endless opportunities; it’s quite fascinating!




What makes the way you achieve results interesting or unique?

I do it my way. Which is, what works for that person, or people? There are a lot of great techniques and organization tools that work for a lot of people. However, I find some people still find it difficult to adjust or tweak the technique to make it work best for them. For example, there are systems and wonderful organizational products that can be potentially useful for clients. However, I’ve notice clients already have some of these tools or systems that they’ve started themselves in their space, but are unable to keep up with it. Why? I believe because their system is not personalized to them. Have you ever heard the saying, not everything is for everybody? It rings true, especially for organization. Often times how we handle clutter or organization is passed down from the environment that raised us. We studied or were taught others habits and behaviors around clutter and organization. If 10-20-35 years down the road, you continue to wonder why you can’t keep up with organizing techniques and habits, and why your surroundings continuously end up getting cluttered, It’s most likely because those habits you inherited were catered to the environment you learned from, and they weren’t personalized to fit your needs. This is where I come in. I believe in order to ensure the most effective way to maintain clutter and stay productive, one must have a system that is personalized to fit their needs and the people in that direct environment. What I think makes my results unique, is the open mind, out-of-the-box strategic thinking . This allows me to create a personalized system that uses the fundamentals of organization and allows the freedom to alter techniques to best fit my client.


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How are you marketing your business right now and what are your plans moving forward? What new products or services will you be offering in the next 3-6 months? Where will you be wanting to use these images in your marketing?

You can find Organized to the T on most all social medias, like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linked in, and my New website that will launch  this year! I am a big advocate of Word of mouth. It’ s always the most classic way to make the best connection. In the next 3-6 months I want to work closely with small business owners and help them transform their space. I see an opportunity for growth, so I’m prepared to take the leap to explore it. I plan to explore as many opportunities as I can on this entrepreneur journey.


What do you love to do for YOU outside of your business? What activities do you enjoy? Where do you like to go?

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I love the arts, that is what feeds my soul. I love nature, specifically obsessed with plants right now. I spend a large portion of my time taking care of my plants. Planting has become very relaxing for me and is done with lots of care. I also love to paint! I’m no Van Gogh, but I appreciate the way painting speaks to me. I’m a sucker for opera, and plan one day soon to be a season ticket holder. Also travel, like most people, I love to travel. To be in another culture and learn new ways and new strategies to life, not to mention the food, is a great way to live. If I had endless cash, you would never see me, I’d just be traveling the world!


What do you want your new images to do for you? How do you visualize the look and feel of your new images?

I want my images to say I’m the one. I’m the individual you can confide in, and trust to embrace whatever clutter challenge you may have, and transform it into a peaceful and beautiful space.


List some other brands and what you admire about them.

I am really big on community and making connection. There’s many brands I follow, but a couple that stick out for their outreach: Lava Mae a mobile shower truck for homeless. I’ve been following them and have seen them in person in action, they are awesome serving the community as they do. Cur8able a blog by Disability Fashion Stylist: Stephanie Thomas– I love how they inspire! Think if you have a disability, and you see other courageous, beautiful people showing you a great example of what or who you can be in spite of is inspiring. “The flesh may be disabled, but the mind; you have control of”. AMAS- A Man About Style a media company designed to be a personal development tool to help men in their personal and professional lives. I love anything classy, people, old movies, you name it. But style has changed immensely, yes some things come back to circle, but Class is just vanishing. AMAS helps bring back some of that charm and class, while “expanding your knowledge and experiences from influences of books, people, film and adventures.”

It’s all about a Tailored Journey. I think we can all use a bit of tailoring on our journey. The latest brand I’ve been inspired by is The Boss Babe Societe! It’s a “place where female entrepreneurs Connect, Build, and Grow.” I’ve followed them on my IG for a while now and I love their inspiration. They always have great motivational messages, and encouraging words for their audience. Not to mention their passion to support women and entrepreneurs is a great support.


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