Palos Verdes Boudoir: Carissa

I love boudoir! Have I mentioned how much I really LOVE it? I just love the experience of making someone feel beautiful…you can be as little revealing as you want because all boudoir really is showcasing your beauty.

Meet my friend Carissa from Carissa Woo Photography– she and I have been working together for a little over a year and this was my way of saying Thank You! She recently got married this past weekend so I have just been waiting to share these with you- luckily she did. Some of these were a gift on her wedding day to hubby so we couldn’t revel too much. Luckily I can today – not everyone will let me showcase their intimate photos during these types of sessions…so please enjoy!

The particular session was actually apart of a mini-session event for valentines day. The location, hair + makeup were all included in the collection along with a little black book to gift or keep for yourself. The hair and makeup was actually done by my talented friend Lauren – which you may remember from her engagement session last week. I will be posting more photos from the other sessions soon but I wanted to start with Carissa. You may notice quite a bit of black and white mainly because I love it! Especially for boudoir- I feel like it gives a classic feel to the images.

Bridal Boudoir Photography Sothern California


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