Redondo Beach Senior: Sumher

I am so excited to share the photos from this Redondo Beach Union High graduate’s senior photo session. I met Sumher through her mom at my other job, I just happened to mention to her that I am a photographer and she let me know she had a drop dead gorgeous daughter who was graduating soon. Of course I jumped at the chance to work together! It was such a fun day getting to know Sumher and being able to have some fun during their shoot! I love when my clients let me get creative and try new things too – it makes the shoot become a very rewarding challenge, I also loved the locations they chose for her session..

So enjoy and read along for some advice to seniors and all about the transition to college!

Now in college at Arizona State University I had a few questions for her..

How did you decide which college you wanted to go to?

ASU was honestly a last minute decision. I was originally supposed to go to Reno,Nevada but I thought about it and ASU was a school that I’ve always wanted to attend since I was little. I’m currently majoring in sports journalism and the college life is very different you have to be able to do stuff on your own and manage your time right, but I’m loving it.

Favorite High School memories:

Considering I went to 3 different high schools I had a lot of different favorite memories but one that I could pull from all of them was at sporting events being able to just go decked out in school spirit whether the theme was just our regular school colors or something crazy like neon…

We decided to embrace her volleyball roots for some of the photos and this is what Sumher had to say about high school sports:

When I played volleyball I was an outside hitter and when I played softball I’ve been every possible position but my favorite was center field. And I don’t have any specific favorite thing about either sport because I love them both but I would just say the excitement that I felt when me and my team would accomplish something together whether it was just a point/run or winning.

Any advice to 2017 graduates?

Advice I’d give you seniors would be don’t rush. Don’t try and push through your senior so fast I know college is right around the corner but no matter what you think you’re gonna miss high school so take your time and enjoy every moment of it. Enjoy the time with your friends and I know it’s hard but don’t get caught up in pointless high school drama. So just have fun!


Sumher, I am looking forward to seeing all that you accomplish and when you get on ESPN don’t forget us little people hahaha…Senior girls and guys, I am still booking photo sessions for 2017 grads! Let me know if you are interested in becoming a senior rep!

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