San Pedro Engagement {Isaac + Jessica }


I always tend to forget how lucky we are to live in the golden state of California, I mean where else could this beautiful coastal San Pedro Engagement session exist? I mean don’t get me wrong, I have seen some beautiful places outside of our lovely state and just recently took my first trip to the East Coast. I know right? I need to travel more.. But seriously…this day just turned out so amazingly beautiful! Jessica ( the bride to be) was actually thinking of cancelling our day because of the clouds aka marine layer – however, I convinced her that the photos of her Isaac (groom to be) were going to be absolutely stunning!

So glad I was right! Sometimes the marine layer along our beautiful coast can be stingy with our sun – but not this day! What a beautiful sunset we had..


We started out our day at Trumps Golf Course just on the outskirts of San Pedro, located in Palos Verdes. You may remember way back in 1999 when the 17th & 18th holes slipped into the ocean? The course has recovered beautifully and here we are today enjoying the grand views, hikers and of course one wonderful magic hour of golden light.

Isaac and Jessica have been together for almost 10 years- since they were teens – crazy right? That seems like a marriage in itself – so my hat is off to this wonderful couple I met through a referral from a friend of mine! These two are some of the most relaxed and down to earth people I have met and they truly compliment one another. Couples like this always leave me with the giddy, butterflies in the stomach type of feeling…


Right after this shot, we may or may not have been escorted to the “trail portion” of the hike. I don’t know how we ended up on the golfers path but who can resist a cute bridge and waterfalls?


On our way home we took a little tour of Pedro, driving around to a couple different spots near the Port of Los Angeles where Isaac works – Jessica is training to be a nurse. They had mentioned going to the Fanfare Fountains for some really pretty water and light photography – all I have to say is wow! I loved this idea and would totally be in to explore some more fountain areas in the future (hint hint future couples of mine <3).


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