Allie + Goran {Engaged}

Meet Goran and Allie soon to be married in June! Goran was actually Igor’s (Lisa’s hubby) best man at their wedding- Allie caught the bouquet. Talk about awesome! Anyway, we were lucky enough to capture a few engagement photos and get to join them in celebration at the engagement party. I cannot wait to attend their wedding in June, which is actually Allie’s grandparents anniversary too. The wedding is definitely going to be one big fat Greek Bosnian Croatian lamb roasting celebration! There are also a couple photos of her grandmother in here who recently passed away so I am glad we got to take these photos in remembrance of Allie’s Yiayia.

Also, you should probably know just a little about their engagement…Goran being the sneaky one, tricked Allie into thinking that he would be at home studying for a test that he passed months before her “girls trip” to San Francisco. Little did she know that this all a part of his plan to propose. While in San Francisco, the girls took a little boat cruise with Goran hiding in the closet the whole time just waiting for his moment to pop out with the ring. I mean seriously- every time I hear this story I cry a little- it’s like a movie, so romantic. Of course she was surprised and OF COURSE she said YES! He organized the whole weekend so that all of their close friends would be there to celebrate in their engagement. What an awesome guy!

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