Alex + Michael: Lakewood Engagement

Alex and Michael are engaged to be married in March and I don’t think I could be more excited about their wedding! For their engagement photos we kept it casual and fun around a few different parks in Lakewood. I actually didn’t realize Lakewood had so many cute spots!

This is such a big step in their relationship and just so obviously amazing that their marriage is legal! They are no longer denied their freedom to love and also to put it down on paper. This is their public promise of love and I am happy to embrace them into my little Lisa Marie Photographie family. Alex was also out AMAZING wedding DJ – so now I get to be apart of his wedding day!

When I met with Michael and Alex, we spoke about their wishes for their photos – we wanted them to be fun and capture their candidness with one another i.e. Michael rolling his eyes and Alex with his infectious smile i.e. keep it real!  These two definitely show their love for one another in so many great ways and I was there to capture it all!

We brought their cute little dogs along with a picnic basket filled with snacks and a bottle of wine. Our evening was so much fun as I captured these two in their true environment enjoying one another. I feel pretty privileged to be apart of it! Here are some photos from our day!


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  1. Richard McNally & Lee Burcher says:

    Can’t say congratulations enough to you both. The big day is getting close. You will join the ranks of the rest of us married men. Lol to both of you.

    • Alex Kitay says:

      That’s funny. For better or worse, right?

  2. Ali Jackson says:

    These photos are amazing Lisa. You did a great job capturing lovely moments and their personalities. I’m friends with Michael from a million years ago and can almost hear his laugh when I see these pictures. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Alex yet, but feel like I know him better now. Best of all – their love is so wonderfully expressed in these photos. I couldn’t be happier for Michael & Alex and wish them a lifetime of joy and happiness!

    • admin says:

      Thanks so much Ali! I really appreciate your feedback! They are such a fun couple and I just love how they adore one another <3

  3. Emily Hidalgo says:

    I love seeing these two so happy! What great photos that captured them. I haven’t met Alex yet but im guessing since these pics captured Michael so perfectly that they did Alex too. I’m so happy for you both. I hate that I cant share in the wedding where you are publicly sharing the commitment you two have obviously made to each other. I wish you many more years of the love and happiness you have displayed in these photos! Love to ypu both.


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