Chelsey + Weston {Third Shooter for Kathryn Colby}

I got to shoot a wedding a couple months ago with a great friend of mine, Kathryn Colby, we worked together and she also shot our wedding and engagements. I truly appreciate her letting me watch her in the process of a wedding she shoots- after all, practice makes perfect right? Plus I had an upcoming wedding the following week so that helped with inspiration. I didn’t get to take as many detail shots, close ups or even really great wedding shots because honestly, I was there to learn. So I feel lucky to have gotten the photos I did but the knowledge I gained I cannot even put a price tag on. The wedding was at a church in San Pedro and the reception was held in Long Beach. I figured I should write a blog about it and share some of my favorite shots of the day.

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It is great to watch someone’s process too, especially when shooting the details- so important to capture the small things for their memory. The couple plans each detail so specifically to them. Shoes and jewelry can get lost or broken, so this to me sometimes is one of the MOST important parts of the couples day.

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Seriously, how insanely CUTE are these flower girls?

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Oh yeah, and the bridesmaids were super gorgeous as well!

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Cool car right? This belongs to Chelsey’s grandpa…

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Just figured I needed another action shot…hopefully I didn’t ruin hers!

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Definitely a great party!! They definitely know how to have a fun time!

alvarez jones_0040

alvarez jones_0035

Thanks Kathryn for showing me that up until the very end of the night that making the bride feel beautiful is apart of our service as photographers.  Whether its cleaning the cake off her dress or helping reapply her lip-gloss…going the extra mile is the way to show them you care- even if it is one of the last moments of the night.

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