Golden Gate Park Wedding {Kate + Jason}

Oh San Francisco you were definitely a wonderful treat at this whimsical Golden Gate Park wedding. I met Kate years ago when we were young and innocent working at our little Macaroni Grill in Torrance – so sad that it’s gone too! I mean they are right, you do meet your “people” while in college and my little Kate is definitely one of the BEST people I could have asked to be in my life for all these years!So many amazing memories…it is so weird to think about how far we have come since then..

You know what is event better than that?!? The fact that Kate met Jason and they have a beautiful little girl named Sage.

So let me tell you a little about the wedding day…This is actually my first real “destination wedding” by the way and I think I lucked out. Kate rented this super spiffy Airbnb penthouse over on Page St.- it worked out perfectly, everyone could relax and just get ready like it was a normal day, which is nice because weddings can get stressful at times. I just loved the vibe – Kate was super relaxed as she sipped on a mimosa while getting beautified by the lovely Nikol Elaine as her family and friends did the same. The penthouse definitely offered a more eclectic feel which I think went well for the day too.

Kate’s mother actually arranged all of the flowers! Definitely a talent that came in handy. I love the simple pallet of the flowers, it really complimented the style of the bride and groom. Sweet and beautiful simplicity.




The ceremony took place at Golden Gate Park’s “Chain of Lakes”…Honestly, I had NO CLUE how beautiful the park was. It was the perfect setting full of greenery and huge trees. They had a young man playing acoustic guitar before and after the ceremony which I think was a great touch. Their vows were full of love and emotion, here I go again tearing up! Haha it is what it is…Right after the ceremony we had a little champagne and cupcake hour as Jason and Kate’s guests celebrated their love.

The Maven Family…now everyone say “I love Kate!!”

You know I love boots under a wedding dress!

Later in the evening we joined them on the Empress Boat Cruise on the Bay, true to San Francisco form it was a little foggy….but the night was perfect! Kate and Jason kept it simple with no bouquet or garter toss and just enjoyed their friends and family around them.

Fun little story, the boat is actually fitting for their reception because Jason actually popped the question on a ferry ride to Sausalito under those same stars and beautiful San Francisco Skyline as their backdrop. Kate actually shared with me that two years prior she actually had already asked him to marry her within the first few months of their relationship …”I knew I was in love with him and in a fit of spontaneous romance I asked him to marry me. He said yes, but that when it was for real he would be the one asking me.” I also have to note they were on a ferry when Kate realized she was in love with him..

We definitely had some dancers at this wedding….I honestly have a little more but I know this post is already so photo heavy that I needed to tone it down so here are just a few of my faves.

But I couldn’t post dancing photos without showing off my Igor’s moves to California Girls by Katy Perry lol

We said our goodbyes after the sparklers went out…The happy couple would be off to find their next adventure in the next few days. They felt it was time to go so what else is out their and found their new home not too far away in Portland, Oregon.I am so proud of the woman my little Katitsa has become. From being a server at Macaroni Grill and ruling at drunken card games, to becoming Eater’s 2012 Bartender of the Year, being a wonderful Mom to her lovely Sage, now getting married to the man of her dreams and now she is off to Portland for her next venture at Americano. Kate and Jason I can’t wait to see your Oregon experiences and hope to visit soon!


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