Laguna Beach Engagment {Loan + Raoul}

Crystal Cove Engagement Photos
This Laguna Beach engagement session was just breathtaking! I never had the opportunity to take photos in the location, so when Loan and Raoul asked me to go to Crystal Cove and Victoria Beach, I was super excited! I met Loan through my sister and her friend, they all work together. Loan had seen my work from Lauren & Geoff’s engagement session and inquired for her wedding. I love how this little world works! To me, getting a photo job through a previous or current client is definitely the icing on the cake to this profession!
Let’s talk a little about these two…
The proposal happened in San Francisco while on vacation, they rented rented bikes to bike up to Golden Gate bridge and stopped right in the middle of the bridge to take photos, and that’s when he went down on one knee. I mean…REALLY?!? How flippin’ romantic can you get! I would have loved to be there with my camera to capture this moment…(hint hint: I LOVE PROPOSALS!).
After becoming closer as friends on facebook, I really can see how much these two love taking adventures with one another – whether it be on a vacation or just a hike in the canyons with friends and family with their cute dog, Opie.
Throughout the engagement session I could see how super attentive, kind, and selfless these two were with each other…actually they also listed these as their mutual favorite qualities about one another, but honestly you could see them shine through ans the lovingly enjoyed one another in front of my lens.
Crystal Cove was definitely a place I had wanted to take photos for a while, I always pass it when I take Pacific Coast Hwy out to Orange County. I just love the rustic qualities and I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a good hike. We didn’t go too far simply because there was a ton of beauty on the bottom and my gorgeous bride to be had super cute Michael Kors heels – not really made for the trail haha.
Our next spot was perfect for sunset! I have seen other photographers go here too and I would definitely say it was a packed beach  near the historic “pirate tower.” Tons of people there to use this cool castle as the backdrop for their photos. We managed to get there right at golden hour and get a few fun shots – getting through the crowd was definitely worth it, however, if you decide you would like to come here we should try and shoot for a Monday.
I asked these lovebirds what they were looking forward to most and their wedding day and she simply stated, “all of our families and friend will be under one roof to support the next chapter to our lives together.  and… kids!”
Well I will tell you something…I can’t wait to be there at your most special day and witness all the love unfold at the beautiful Maya Hotel in Long Beach!

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