Oceanside Sunrise Engagement { Starr + Ryan }

Check out this Sunrise engagement session of this insanely cute couple, also known as my sister Starr and her new hubby Ryan. OK so they are already married – they decided to elope in Vegas back in July 2015! So I don’t know what to call their photo session so we will just stick with engagement since they are having a formal wedding this upcoming July for everyone to enjoy!

Of course, my Starr being my sister wanted to wake up at 4:30 in the morning for a photoshoot! You know what?!? Definitely worth it! Honestly, if you are willing to get up that early and do your hair and makeup to catch some of that AMAZING sunrise light…I am totally in!

We decided to check out Lake Calavera in the nearby Carlsbad. Pretty cool little spot I would say…great spot for the type of photos we wanted as well.

Let me just talk about these two for a minute, I am so glad that my sister has met this wonderful man! Their energy and happiness is just infectious. They like to play around together but they are also so sensitive to one another and their needs. I am pretty sure I knew he would be my brother in law from the day we met for drinks in Huntington Beach. I think when we went to Stagecoach last year I must have drunkenly asked him like 20 times when he was going to marry my sister haha. I mean, she is amazing and deserves only the best in life and I believe that Ryan is it!

They have been there for each other through thick and thin…Starr, being the amazing athlete that she is actually lived in Switzerland for a couple months and followed he softball dreams with he bestie Lauren – you remember her right? The amazing Coto De Caza wedding a few months ago. Anyway, Ryan waited patiently for Starr to come home to him. Their love for one another remained stronger than ever. I think that kind of support in relationships is super important. Just because your in love doesn’t take away the right to follow your dreams! I am so glad that she got to experience Europe in the way she did…she even got to go to the motherland Croatia – where my Igor is from!

He was also there for her after he brother Nick suffered an aortic dissection spending months in the hospital. Basically spending many sleepless nights and living the never give up mantra with my sister and supporting her through such a tumultuous time in her life. Nick surviving they way he did is a miracle in my eyes as well as many others. Once he was out of the hospital, these two selflessly became his caretaker while he made his road to recovery.

I am beyond overjoyed that these two took the leap and said I do! I also can’t wait for the wedding in a few months – Dear Diamond Wedding’s Kristy will be shooting for me since I get to be a bridesmaid! I don’t know how I am going to not use my camera that day, but I definitely plan on enjoying the moment my sister walks down the aisle again toward her amazing hubby, witnessing their “first” dance and kiss as well.

The light was just gorgeous!!

Starr has always been so caring and wonderful to all of her friends and family so I feel very thankful to have my sister to have met her match in life and can’t wait to see what is next!

Oh yeah! Meet my new doggie nephew, Bubba, isn’t he cute?!? This is what love is all about – being yourself and enjoying all the little moments together.

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