Palos Verdes Engagement: Nico + Brenda

To date this has got to be one of the best engagement sessions I have taken in Palos Verdes…I met Nico and Brenda (who goes by Oyuki also) sometime via Facebook this past year. This couple is definitely one with nature – Nico proposed in the sierras and next week they are saying their vows at Glacier Point in Yosemite! This is sure to be an amazing experience and I seriously can’t wait! Everything a photographer could dream of : beautiful couple getting married in the forest on top of a mountain and not forgetting to mention they stressed a great amount of importance of the photograph!

It is a true blessing to find couples like this… I absolutely LOVE their story so I figured I would tell it to you in their words…

How they met

“Our first date was in the spring of 2009 at Barnes and Nobles. We met after a long day of hockey practice, and biology lectures. We shared a simple date while we got to know each other over a chai tea latte.Over the next eight months we got to know each other even better, while enjoying coffee shop meet ups, walks on the beach and various hikes. When the leaves turned brown and fall came around, it was finally official!”

For now…you can check out their engagement photo’s along the coast of Palos Verdes at multiple locations.

The Proposal:

“It was early morning, the birds had not yet begun to sing. The morning dew was thick but fading, Nic and Brenda were amongst the first to head up the mountain trail to Emerald Lake, hand in hand they headed up the trail stopping at water falls, small bridges with wild fish, melting snow adding to the rush of the rivers and lakes. Starting out from Bear Lake, they passed Nymph Lake, and the beautiful Dream Lake with its lily pads and blooming flowers.

At one point Nic went ahead, and came across a Moose along the trail before reaching Emerald lake.

Brenda was shortly behind and met Nic at the end of the path opening up to Emerald lake surrounded by mountain peaks and various glacier fed waterfalls.

Nic took Brenda’s hand, got down on one knee, and proposed.”

The combo if the light, the tress and this adorable couple is just gorgeous!! Love it!

This location is quickly becoming my fave spot for capturing beautiful images…Can you blame me?!

Yes, they brought a bubble machine! I love this! It just makes their photos stand out and brings in their fun and playful personalities..

kiss upside down palos verdespalos verdes lighthouse engagement photos

So this was just practice for the wedding in Yosemite…we HAD to climb a mountain in order to complete our adventure. I am so excited to shoot their wedding! Congrats you two and I know that your life together has only just begun…






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