San Pedro Engagement {Vanessa + Steve}

avrill park sunset engagement photos

Meet Steve and Vanessa – a super amazing couple that I actually met through my friend Alejandra (another mac grill connection), Vanessa is her sister. This was a fun engagement session in San Pedro from a few months back – yes I have been holding out on you! The cool thing is that before I ever met Vanessa in person, she had actually already referred me for another wedding last year at crafted, Jessica & Isaac, who just recently had their first baby! I am so grateful to photograph Steve and Vanessa in this moment and creating memories on their wedding day. Such a privilege that I definitely enjoy!

Can I also say this couple is on fire?! They are so in love! It shows in the photos – the way they gaze into each other’s eyes and they way their bodies connect perfectly in every photo. I don’t think we had one awkward moment – which basically makes my job super easy when it came to photographing them in the moment!

Steve and Vanessa also have a beautiful little girl named Alaina and I just love watching all their little adventures on Snapchat. Yes, I use snapchat haha. It is actually a fun app and I love watching all my brides and grooms during their everyday life, wedding planning and vacations! You can follow me too @spiffylisafer!

Anyway, we had a magical little evening at Averill Park and downtown San Pedro. I always forget how many pretty spots there are, San Pedro is definitely underrated when it comes to photo spots! Steve and Vanessa were pretty much down for anything that I suggested which makes it all around way more fun and gets the creativity flowing! The lighting was to die for and these two were perfection in pretty much every single photo. I definitely cannot wait till their wedding in October! It should be absolutely stunning just as they are!

multiway Lulu bridesmaid dress in burgandy.

Check out her dress – it is a multi way dress from Lulu’s – her bridesmaids are wearing these as well. Super comfy and allow each girl to style the dress in the way that she likes most.

So here is a little about this gorgeous couple…

From the Bride:

  • We met in 2009 at my previous job in San Pedro, Steve previously owned a business across the street and came in during a business outing. A year of friendship developed into a true love story. Steve proposed in 2014 when he asked me to go outside with him into our backyard because he wanted to show me something. He asked me close my eyes and led me to our tree, when I opened them, carved onto the trunk was written, “will you marry me.” When I turned to face him, he was on one knee where recited a quote that read, “And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you, and I’d choose you.” I tearfully said yes!
  • We both have a big sense of humor so no matter where we are or what we’re doing, we like to joke and laugh and simply enjoy each others company. We also like to go eat out as a family or go to the movie theater on the weekends. We enjoy traveling together to either a getaway for just us two or as a family. Exploring and experiencing a new destination is exciting and we look forward to doing more of that together throughout our lives as a married couple!

Urban elements + nature = perfection!

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