Lifestyle Engagement Session {Shannon + Alex}

Ok – this lifestyle engagement session is probably the most different thing I have done in a while…

I love it because as a photographer, I want to catch YOU in YOUR element! This is why their engagement is super awesome…

I met Alex and Shannon at their home in Long Beach a couple months back – I knew we were a match made in heaven pretty much when I drove up because Shannon drives the same white  Jeep Cherokee as me! Also, I just loved their demeanor with one another and their honesty with what they were looking for in their photographer. They wanted real – to be candid – and lastly to enjoy one another while doing what they love…Just hanging out at the house drinking gin, going for a bike ride in the neighborhood or creating something in their wood shop/garage/gym. By the way, these two are super cool with their refinished table, headboard and all their other creations that only a pinterest expert could create!

So we kept it simple and had an amazing time!

Not gonna lie, I am hoping we are BFF’s now haha.

So, In the grooms words I figured I would tell you a little about these two and their story…

How They Met:

Having no luck with the traditional methods of meeting new people, both Shannon and Alex decided to give online dating (as strange as it sounded) a shot. They somehow found each other amongst the masses of singles and arranged a coffee date. A week later the two strangers met outside of a Starbucks in Hollywood, to see if their online compatibility carried over into real life. Shannon sat waiting at an outside table hoping the person she was about to meet wasn’t crazy(the jury’s still out on that one). Alex approached her, and introduced himself while trying to stay calm though he couldn’t possibly have been any more nervous. After a few minutes they went inside to get a couple pumpkin spice lattes that Shannon had suggested. Still a little unsure of Alex, she insisted on paying for the coffees. The two drank coffee, ate Jersey Mikes (which Alex paid for), and got to know each other. There was a lot of questions, a few laughs, and maybe an awkward silence or two. After walking her to her car, Alex somehow managed to get Shannon to agree to a second date.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

How He asked:

It was late January and Alex was about to finish his operator training course at his new job. He had been planning to propose to Shannon for some time and with graduation coming up fast he saw an opportunity to surprise her. He asked her to clear her schedule for that Saturday because he wanted to celebrate the completion of his training. A simple dinner by the beach was all he told her, she had no idea what he was planning. The two went to a nice early dinner at Nicks on 2nd. Shannon was probably wondering why he wanted to eat dinner at 2:30 in the afternoon. The timing (and sunset) needed to be just right for what Alex had planned next.

Shortly after they arrived at their destination on the water, a gondola ride through the Naples canals in Belmont Shore. They set off on a romantic cruise and soon came across what looked to be some trash floating in the water. The gondolier asked if Shannon would mind grabbing the “trash” so he could dispose of it. But when she picked it out of the water she found it was a message in a bottle, and the note inside was for her! Shannon, not sure what to think of this strange situation, removed the cork and note from the bottle. It read: “Shannon, I love you to he moon and back”, she smiled and then realized there was more writing toward the bottom of the page. She unrolled the scroll all the way and saw it was a question: “will you marry me?” Alex got down on one knee and presented the ring (comprised of heirloom gold and diamonds from both sides of their families) to her.

And as you can see, she said YES!

When I asked what they liked to do for fun they mentioned cruising around town on their beach cruisers…check out those cool crates on the back…yet another pinterest worthy craft made by Alex.

Look look!! Its the jeepster in the back!

How could we resist? Love a couple that can have fun with one another! The couple that laughs together have stronger relationships..

Lastly, if you are thinking of your photos and want to be different, don’t hesitate to ask! I love it and I like a good challenge any day.

Congrats you two and I can’t wait for your wedding in June! Also, Different Events will be there and I can’t wait to work with such a great planning team!



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