Glacier Point Wedding : Oyuki + Nico


OMG please take a look at this beautiful Glacier Point wedding located just overlooking the Yosemite Valley and the super cute Half Dome Village…I can’t even begin to describe the beauty of this day to you without getting butterflies! Is it possible that the emotions are still running through me since this wedding back in June? I THINK SO! Oyuki and Nico decided to say their vows on a mountaintop and let me just tell you, what an experience! Why don’t more people do this is my first thought, seriously, can you get a more beautiful setting?

Yes…WARNING! It is a picture heavy post.

I have been a busy bee and now it’s time to tell their story.

Yosemite… so I am beyond overjoyed and lucky to have this wedding as my first of many trips I plan to take to this breathtaking place! In fact, I think next year around the same time we plan to go back.

The day started off in Half-Dome Village – formally known as Curry Village – super cute little community of travelers staying in regular cabins and tents that actually stay on site aka “glamping”. While the bride and groom prepared themselves for their wedding day I just walked outside the door and got some killer detail shots of the DIY bouquet, boutonniere, rings, dress and shoes. I was joined by Shannon and her team that forms her video business SkyPike Productions – I actually met Shannon through Facebook in a photo group so I was glad she and her team were so professional and super fun to work with. If you click her link, I am sure you can see the teaser to this couple’s amazing day. You may even shed a tear, I know I did!

As Nick read his vows I realized I was way in over my head as far as emotion goes – tears start here.

first look yosemite valley wedding

First look…best part of my day usually. So much aticipation too! The moment the bride and groom see one another and embrace is truly magical.

prism photography yosemite bridalveil falls

So yes this is the prism photography effect…I love it. It adds a little more to the day and it’s such a simple tool to carry. Next up- I have to get a brass ring for the “ring of fire” – don’t worry some instagram shares coming soon!

Yosemite Wedding

After that we headed out the the meadow so Nico and Oyuki could have their first look. Let me tell you, I love the way these two absolutely adore one another. There was such a mixture of excitement, nerves and love in the air. I love the way he looks at her and how natural they are together. It makes by job of photography much easier also! True genuine and raw emotion…I don’t think I can ask for more! Once the first look was over we took a little ride over to Bridalveil Falls to get some romantic photos before their ceremony…It is crazy amazing, next time you want to see beauty, go to Bridalveil!

Once we were though with the falls we made our way up the mountain for the ceremony….surrounded by their closest friends and family these two made their promise to love one another.

yosemite glacier point wedding

After the ceremony we preceded to explore Glacier Point area and snapped a few more while the reception area was being put together by their friends. Honestly, I have never really seen a wedding where so many people came together and made such a beautiful space for the bride and groom…Don’t get me wrong,I see beautiful spaces all the time in this line of work. However, the loving way it was done – it wasn’t a chore, they were all present and ready to make this night magical. That just goes to show how contagious happiness can be!

Did I mention everything is handmade by the bride, groom and their friends? You name it – flowers – centerpieces – decor – lawn games…all transported about 400 miles north to enjoy the beauty of Yosemite.

So when you are in nature…wildlife tends to invite themselves..Love it!

Toasts were made and en=motions ran high as all their guest welcomed them into their reception..

Toasts were made and emotions ran high as all their guest welcomed them into their reception..

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If you think you would like to visit Yosemite and get married at this church please do not forget to let me know…my email is

So quaint. Super cute. What else can you ask for?

So they do have a slight bear problem in Yosemite – go figure – it is not a myth haha

Anyway, they warned us about food, the ranger joined in on the fun and so there you have it! An amazing day with a wonderfully spiffy and in LOVE couple!

I had to incluse a couple behing the scenes of the incredible Shannon, she inspired me beyond belief and I hope to work together soon my friend!

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  1. Katherine Cuellar says:

    Hi, beautiful day and photography capture! I was wondering if you could share where their reception was held?

    Katherine C.

    • admin says:

      Hi Katherine! The reception was at Cathedral beach…super simple and elegant!


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