Beach Maternity and Baby Shower: Baby Luka

Let me tell you about this gorgeous couple, their maternity session and their adorable Dr. Suess themed baby shower..If you follow my blog you may remember Allie and Goran…they are family and also just happen to be one of my favorite couples to photograph. In my earlier years of professional photography portfolio building, they graciously have let me photograph their engagement and the party following, her bridal shower and parts of their wedding day too! So, I am so grateful to be apart of this most important part of their lives – entering parenthood!

I will start with the maternity session in Palos Verdes. We started at the very famous church for the first portion of the session which is just so versatile for photos in general. I love all the greenery, cool trees and the aged brick surrounding the church. The light here is almost 99% of the time perfect throughout the day so I tend to do a ton of my work here. Actually, a lot of photographers in the area work here too haha..The great thing is we have a pretty friendly community and we all respect one another.

Allie and Goran chose to name their soon to baby boy Luka, which was totally fitting for the second part of our day down on the beach in Malaga Cove. Luka means harbor in Bosnian, which is a nod to Goran’s Bosnian heritage and also Allie’s family and their love for the ocean. Her dad was a commercial fisherman his whole life raising his children by going on trips to Catalina on their boat. Later, in college, Allie joined the Delta Gamma sorority at UCSD and go figure the symbol is an anchor.

So how could you not name him Luka?

The beach was actually pretty grey that day but I kinda like it when it’s different, adding some moodiness to their photos.  Their photo session was filled with laughter and emotion in anticipation for the arrival of their baby boy.


Now on to the Dr. Suess themed baby shower with all the pretty details. To say that their friends and family were excited for this baby is a complete understatement! The day was full of joy! I love being apart of events that are so near and dear to the hearts of the people celebrating, such a wonderful feeling. It is so true when people say happiness is contagious..

As I was beginning to write this blog post, I reached out to Allie and asked her about motherhood, since Luka has been here since November.

The best part about motherhood is sharing the world with a new soul. Babies are so curious, so happy and so innocent. I love the life Goran and I have created together and the best part is now sharing that with another special person. We have so many fun things we can’t wait to experience together and teach him. Plus the snuggles…the kisses and hugs are a great benefit too! Goran and I always joke that Luka is out new favorite person in the whole world!

As for the tough parts of being a new parent, going back to work is always a challenge.

I think as a first time mom, the first couple weeks were the most challenging. You’re still so unsure of things and trying to get to know your new baby to understand what works and what doesn’t. Also breastfeeding was a challenge! It’s no walk in the park, it takes a lot of patience and dedication, but it is so worth it! I’m so grateful that I am still going strong even after returning to work. Now, as a working mom the hardest part is only getting a couple hours with him a day. I miss him so much during the day but he loves his time with his Yiayia, Papou, Nana and Deda!

There you have it folks..a true opinion of a new mother! Sounds exciting, scary and all of the above. For all the new parents out there, just know you are not alone and there will be ups and downs, but the bottom line is you will get through it and the outcome is super rewarding! Or so I have heard hahaha..I am sure my cats love me – Igor too! Just glad to share in their joy!

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It’s crazy to look back on these and see the progression in my own work! Thanks guys for trusting me and letting me be apart of it! Next stop? nursery photos and lifestyle family photos!



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