Chimney Beach Engagement Session

It all started in college..

Oh how I loved this Chimney Beach engagement session with these guys. Lake Tahoe is beautiful on its own but I love their free spirits and willingness to have fun! Staci and Craigs love story began far far away from Lake Tahoe, these two crazy kids met in college back east closer to Staci’s hometown in Massachusetts. Years later they reconnected and here we are on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe living their best lives and taking their engagement photos!

incline village engagement photos at Alibi brewery

Incline Village // Alibi Ale Works

Since Stacie and Craig embody that laid back free spirt of Lake Tahoe, we decided to meet up at the local Alibi Ale Works in Incline Village. Since they were feeling a tad nervous about taking their engagement photos, I figured a quick beer would help us just loosen up and get ready for our hike down to Chimney Beach. We had the standard Alibi IPA, which at 6.2% was just strong enough.

What I love about the Alibi Ale Works was the atmosphere for sure and they had some pretty great food alongside their beers. I went ahead and asked permission to take a few photos and the pub had no problem at all! This is a great spot to entertain guests that may be visiting for your wedding as well. There are indoor and outdoor spaces which is nice for the summertime.

We did encounter a Karen when we came back to our cars…she actually thought parked on her bumper because of all the pollen in the air and there were “dust marks”. She was definitely having a moment and I am not sure if she was intoxicated or what.

Long story short, my husband was with me so I hopped in the car with Staci and Craig and headed to the location to beat the sun. Only to have to turn back around because she notified the police. We headed back only to meet the police who were apologizing for our wasted time! So you never know what you are going to get when dealing with the public! That was definitely a new experience.

Sunset at Chimney Beach

After leaving the Alibi, we headed about 10 mins down the road to our final destination, Chimney Beach! The beach itself is a hike down and since we were beginning to lose the light, we stayed up higher to catch as much golden light as we could. As I mentioned, there had been a lot of pollen and wind that day so it definitely affected our sunset, but it was still so gorgeous.

So what is there to know when it comes to this beautiful Chimney Beach alongside Lake Tahoe? It is definitely a hike back up – nothing to crazy, but if you are not used to the Tahoe elevation make sure to hydrate. Another thing to note is that Chimney Beach along with the other close beaches may be very crowded, especially if you choose a weekend. You may want to figure out how to uber to Chimney Beach and park in town if you are going on a weekend.

Since our Chimney Beach session was cut a tad short, stay tuned to see their Fall Genoa session.

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