Palm Springs Couples Session: Hope + Ben

This was a fun Palm Springs Couples session with Australian Wedding Photographers, Ben & Hope. I met these too through a conference I went to called Evolve Worksop at the Saguaro in Palm Springs. A way for others in the creative and wedding community to get together and improve parts of their business and craft.

Its a multi-speaker event, which I love because you get a the advice and experience from so many seasoned professionals. Including my faves – Brittani and Jon Hon from their amazing Hustle & Flow workshop that I have now attended twice. We will call the Evolve Conference a half.

These types of events are a ton of fun, full of knowledge and a great way to really get an inside look at your business from another perspective. Never stop learning my friends!

It only seemed fitting that they take some fun Palm Springs photos to memorialize their trip. The workshop had a Facebook group attached to the event making it easy to connect with one another beforehand.

I love this Palm Springs couples session for so many reasons.. It’s kinda funny how much more I appreciate the desert than when I was a kid. I grew up in the Palm Springs area and to be truthful, as a kid I never really saw the beauty in the desert and mountains. All I could think about was getting out – just like every other kid who wants to leave their hometown. Who knew 20 years later I would be trying to get more photoshoots and weddings there.

Palm Springs, Indio and La Quinta have definitely made a comeback in popular culture fore sure. I think the music festivals Coachella and Stagecoach have definitely helped for sure! Coachella especially put Indio on the map. I will never forget 1999 when Beck was coming to the valley (thats what us locals call it), it was a BIG deal! I also attend Stagecoach pretty much every year too!

So if you find yourself interested in going out to the desert for a photoshoot, let me know as I lived there for about 15 years of my life and still go out there all the time to visit family and friends. I even had my own wedding there! I know all the good spots <3

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