Smoky Hollow Studios: Becca + Kristof

Becca and Kristof’s wedding at Smoky Hollow Studios in El Segundo was so beautiful, quirky with a rustic urban vibe. I am not sure if rustic urban was a thing before this Smoky Hollow Studios wedding but I am officially here for it! The yellow and grey details and wispy garden-like florals were a nice departure from the light pastels that have been so popular since millennial pink became a thing.

This New York couple who recently moved to San Francisco described themselves as awkward (my specialty) and low key loving to spend time playing board games, reading and going to local breweries. When I look through their photos, awkward is just not the phrase that comes to mind. I just don’t see it. These two were just so natural with one another that it made posing a breeze. I mean what more can you ask for?

I love photographing a wedding when the couple feels like they are in their natural habitat. New tagline anyone? Hahahaha.

Their wedding day at Smoky Hollow was actually the first time in met them in person. They were a referral from Gabby at Cause’ We Can Events and I AM SO GRATEFUL!! Gabby specializes in destination weddings by helping couples navigate the logistics of planning a wedding 3000 miles away – Perfect for a couple NYC transplants! And let me tell you that is what she and her team did what they said they could!

The space for getting ready for your wedding at Smoky Hollow Studios is super fun and cozy too! You can up to 20 people up there but it is a great space for those pre wedding photos, wedding party photos, a first look but my fave is that there is great light for all these things! Window light is your friend…

Speaking of windows…many of the couples getting married choose to get married in front of the big window downstairs creating a halo around the couple…Becca and Kristof chose to instead keep the window to the left of the ceremony which made for a super beautiful leak of light coming through. Photo 101 – window light is the BEST light!

We even had enough time to let Becca and Kristof join the cocktail party on the terrace!! When there is time for that, you know you hired the right team of vendors! I loved this because we were able to see the room flip from ceremony to reception and get all the detail shots while Becca and Kristof got to celebrate with friends and family!

Here are a few takeaways from the day:

1. chalk boards + string lights set the stage for a unique design and a romantic touch. Lisa from @fiberanddye does an amazing job to personalize your wall!

2. The community tables really do bring a super friendly vibe that feels well, like community! Larger groups sitting together = louder cheers from your guests.

3. The size of the venue!! 7200 square feet to be exact! This is an all in one venue, which means getting ready, ceremony & reception all in one spot! Convenient AF! ????

I have to give credit where credit is due…The vendors from their wedding, including my second photographer Margot (thanks for the photo lady!) are what make wedding days a wonderfully seamless and stress free experience. I feel truly grateful to work with true professionals. Smoky Hollow Studios was a venue on my bucket list for sure!! I had been to this venue multiple times for meetings but never had the opportunity to photograph a wedding there! So finally! Here I am with this wedding where the couple danced all night surrounded by friends and family.

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