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Yes, it snowed in Lake Tahoe in May

I think one of my most favorite things about being a Lake Tahoe photographer is that you never know what you’re going to get when it comes to the weather. This Emerald Bay engagement was no different. It literally snowed the weekend before Memorial Day! I know it may sound crazy that I like this, but I love a surprise.

That is the thing about Lake Tahoe! Along with the beauty, you get crazy weather and tourism. So all it takes is a little smart planning and a little more with a possible backup plan too! Lake Tahoe never ceases to amaze me. The couple, Laura and Cayler are all about seizing the day and braved the fun weather with me. I feel so lucky to have couples like them, just go with the flow and enjoy the memories they are making.

We could not be happier with Lisa! She was fun, professional, and a joy to work with. Lisa was flexible and creative for both our engagement session and our wedding day, and the pictures turned out beautifully. We will definitely be booking her for future events and milestones in our lives. We cannot recommend her enough!

– Laura + Cayler

But first, “Sunrise” at Eagle Rock

We started our adventure on Eagle Rock just before sunrise. Figuring that we are on the West shore of Tahoe we should get an amazing sunset coming from the East. Well, we got snow and clouds instead with 28 degree weather. I like Eagle Rock because it is a fairly simple hike and overlooks all of Tahoe. I definitely will go back at sunrise, however, this engagement session was still pretty amazing and gives a fun vibe.

The finale was Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay is known as the “crown jewel” of Lake Tahoe and one the most photographed places in the world. Therefore, Emerald Bay is somewhat of a challenge when it comes to getting engagement photos or a wedding there. Since it was early morning for this engagement and it snowed we were literally the only ones there besides the Stellar Jays in the trees.

Here are a couple things about Emerald Bay that you should know. It is GORGEOUS! Unlike anything you have seen and the view of Fannette Island is amazing. Hiking down is pretty easy, it is definitely the hike up that will get you. So like anyone planning to visit Tahoe, drink your water! Parking is almost always an issue so just be prepared. It is only $10 to park, but if it is busy, you will have to find parking on the street. Be sure to follow the signs if you don’t want a ticket.

Speaking of busy, Emerald Bay is so beautiful, that means it is popular! So again, be prepared and maybe have a backup location. During the winter, sometimes the road closes to Emerald Bay too. So basically, all I am trying to say is plan accordingly. I have been pretty lucky the past few times I have been here and I LOVE it! So anytime you want to take a chance, I am down!

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Lastly, if you are ready to book your engagement or wedding contact me!

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