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ROVM Hard Kombucha Female Founder, Brewer & Overall Badass

What a fun Lake Tahoe Personal Brand photography session! I say this all the time, personal branding is not a want, it is a necessity when you own your own business. Meet Julie of ROVM Hard Kombucha. She is an outdoorsy badass passionate female founder and I am thrilled to be a part of her brand story. When Julie reached out, I could tell she really went through my website. We clicked almost immediately since she is a lover of good Mexican food, Jewel, Jeeps and the Philadelphia Eagles.

You may be asking, wait isn’t this a just a headshot?! I would call this more of a “glorified headshot”. Your personal brand is how you represent yourself. As Jeff Bezos says, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Lastly, personal branding is also how you promote yourself across all the channels of media. Therefore, you need amazing personal branding photography to showcase that.

So basically, Julie identified with my website and my branding so yeah we were a perfect match! Also, I am a HUGE hard kombucha fan as well and to know this kind of amazingness is happening in Tahoe, I am here for it! Personal Brand shoots are some of my favorite simply because I feel like we have an understanding of one another being business owners. I love to surround myself with similar mindsets.

Lake Tahoe was the perfect place for her personal brand photoshoot.

For the actual photos, we went back and forth a little regarding location and found that why not keep it close to home and use her own backyard trail, the Tahoe Rim Trail for the jeep photos and then go paddle boarding for the grand finale. Friends, this is exactly what personal brand photography is. Picking locations and props that mean something to you! Clients want to identify with who you are and what you bring to the table. This is way more than a basic headshot. Julie’s personal brand photos showcase her lifestyle which also reflects the brand of ROVM Hard Kombucha.

The birth of ROVM Hard Kombucha

Made to be shared.  Enjoy cold. Have a good time (responsibly).

While in quarantine, the idea of this hard kombucha was born.”Looking for a taste that would outshine the rest of the hard booch out there while also celebrating the outdoor lifestyle. This booch is meant to be taken with you to celebrate your personal bests: hikes, out on the slopes or even a nice day at the beach.” As a booch enthusiast myself, flavor is incredibly smooth. Not so sour like the rest!

So if personal brand photography is something you have been debating on, let’s chat and see if you’re ready to showcase your business in a personal yet professional way!

If you want to see more personal branding photos, check out this one here: Organized to the T.

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